CSNDG16 Pets and their owners need a safe place when seeking shelter from domestic violence. PAWS partnered with Community Safety Network to build a custom pet facility on their campus – one of only 27 domestic violence shelters in the U.S. that accepts pets. SafePAWS offers victims the option of bringing their pet(s) with them to the shelter when fleeing an abusive situation.

Studies show a clear link between domestic violence, child abuse, and abuse of animals. With more than 70% of women entering a shelter reporting that their pet is also in danger, our SafePAWS shelter gives these women help and safety, and the assurance that their animal companion can be with them. PAWS and Community Safety Network help protect people and their pets from violence.

This kennel facility represents the next logical extension of the SafePAWS program and puts PAWS and the Community Safety Network at the forefront of the movement to protect people and their companion animals from violence.

For more information about SafePAWS, call PAWS (307) 734-2441. If you are seeking shelter for you and your pet, please call Community Safety Network at (307) 733-3711.