Mutt Mitt Page   PAWS initiated the Jackson Hole Mutt Mitt program in 2001 as a response to the growing population of dog owners and in dog waste on our trails and pathways. To date there are over 75 mutt mitt stations in Teton County serving over 10,000 dogs. The stations are paid for and maintained by PAWS, the Bridger-Teton National Forest Service, Parks & Recreation, Pathways, and individual neighborhoods. They are free to everyone.

PAWS has seen a dramatic decrease in the amount of dog waste in every location a mutt mitt station resides. We get notes and phone calls constantly from people who say what a difference this has made in the community.

Each year PAWS contributes over 150,000 mutt mitts to our community and we sell mutt mitt stations to local businesses and Home Owners Associations. We charge $125 for a mutt mitt station and $12 for a sleeve of 100 mutt mitts.

If you are interested in sponsoring a Mutt Mitt station in your neighborhood – please call PAWS at 734-2441. This is an inexpensive way of supporting PAWS and to help keep Jackson beautiful!

  img_4020   Don’t forget to scoop the poop and deposit used mutt mitts in an appropriate trash receptacle! The bags we use are made to degrade in a landfill setting so they do not require sunlight to break down. Great for the community and the environment!