This program is made possible by generous funding in honor of Muffie Becks by her husband Hank Becks. Sometimes pets and their people need help. When an owner can’t afford to pay for a vet, pets go without proper care. Whether a pet has an unfortunate accident or a sudden illness, this can mean financial hardship for local families.   Local resident Hank Becks started the Muffie Becks MedFund (named for his late wife) to help local families and their pets. The PAWS MedFund helps pay Teton County vet bills for stray dogs and cats, and provides funding for individuals who are unable to pay their vet bills. Through the PAWS MedFund, PAWS assists 70 residents pay unexpected veterinary bills annually.   PAWS MedFund covers residents who have lived in Teton County for at least 1 year, and the program can be used one time. With your application (see below), PAWS requires one of the following (for residency – current and one from 1 year ago): lease, mortgage stub, paycheck, utility bill or cell phone bill that shows your address in Teton County).      

The PAWS MedFund On-line Application

PAWS and participating vets CANNOT issue refunds on medical bills already paid in full. Please apply for MEDFUND before treatment or at the time of emergency if possible. There will be a two week grace period in which you may apply for funding for needed treatment. If you become aware of the MEDFUND program after paying your bill in full please feel free to apply with future needs.
  • PAWS is able to help people in financial need for veterinary care of their pets due to the generosity of the benefactor of The Muffie Becks McDOC Fund. In keeping with our mission of responsible pet ownership, we can help only those animals who have been spayed or neutered and are current on all vaccinations.

  • These funds are to be used for emergency or unexpected veterinary care. PAWS cannot fund routine care, vaccinations or elective procedures. PAWS reserves the right to review financial information of each applicant to avoid any fraud or misuse of this Muffie Beck’s McDoc Fund. Upon approval, PAWS will contribute up to $350 toward a veterinary bill. Payments will be made only to local veterinarians. No payments will be made to individuals.

    With your application, PAWS requires one of the following forms of proof of residency: a lease, a mortgage stub, a pay check, a utility bill or a cell phone bill that shows the address that you listed above. We require a copy from 1-year ago and one from the current month.

    This program can only be applied for once. When you are approved, our benefactor likes to know that the gift is being put to good use. We require a thank-you note and a photo of your pet. Please send it to us at PAWS.

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